Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fun at the Park - 15 months

15 Month Highlights:
  • Says No often, mostly in a sweet high-pitched voice :)
  • Runs, and really enjoys it
  • Plays pretend with her dolls
  • Loves watching Elmo, Tuneables and Barney
  • Has thrown a few tantrums
  • Is in between giving up her second nap, which makes for some cranky afternoons
  • Goes to bed and down for naps very easily, often telling you "Night Night" to let you know she's ready
  • Slept until 7 and 7:30 for about a week, then back to 5:45 and 6, unfortunately :)
  • Has one of her one-year molars
  • Knows Santa ("Tanta") and when asked what he says replies "Ho Ho"
  • Calls her Grandpas by their names - Paw Paw and Pop
  • Knows her ears, eyes, toes, feet, and shoes
  • Will give kisses on command to almost everyone
  • Loves to eat goldfish ("Go Go's") and Nilla wafers
  • Finally learned how to drink from a straw, so we are working on weaning her completely off bottles

Saturday, December 8, 2012


We took Clara to meet Santa for the first time, and while she wasn't enamored by him, she didn't cry.  I think her main emotion was confusion as to why she was sitting on some strangers' lap while her parents made crazy faces and danced around in front of her.