Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ten Months

  • Still crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything...I don't think she ever stops moving unless she is asleep, and sometimes not even then!
  • Has stood without support for a few seconds a few times
  • Doesn't really show a lot of interest in walking yet, probably because her crawling is so efficient
  • Started scrunching up her nose as her facial response to most situations
  • Started clapping a few months ago, but now does it often both on her own when she is happy about something or any time you say "Yay!"
  • Clicks her tongue when we ask for kisses...I think that is what a kissing sound sounds like to her
  • New foods this month were scrambled eggs, pancakes, whole milk, strawberries, hummus, and a dab of whip cream :)  Cheese is by far her current favorite food.  Started cheerios this weekend and loves those. 
  • Currently eats three meals a day and a snack, nurses twice, and takes two bottles.  Breakfast is usually yogurt, and then eats a half jar of meat/veggie and a half jar of fruit at lunch and dinner. 
  • Loves dogs and went to the Dog Show on her 10 month birthday with her Auntie K
  • Spent the night away for the first time this month - once in Katy and once in Tomball

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

9 Month Appointment

Once again, the doctor confirmed what we already knew and told us that we had the most beautiful and smartest baby!  Clara thinks Dr. Injac is pretty great too, especially when he lets her play with his stethoscope and tongue depressors. 

She weighs 19 lb, 14 oz (61%), is 28 in tall (55%) and her head is 17.52 in around (59%).  No shots at this appointment, but she did have to get a toe prick and she didn't cry at all.  The big news for us at this appointment is that we can start giving her cow's milk during the day.  And that she can eat pretty much anything we want to give her since she hasn't had any food issues so far.  When we talked about her sleep (or lack of it), specifically addressing the early rising, Clint and I were basically told that we just had to deal.  Somehow I think that she has the doctor wrapped around her little finger already!  But who can blame him :)

Being entertained while we waited

Dr. Injac and Clara - best buds :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

I had to work some on the 4th, so Clint took Clara to Tomball to hang out with the Pasche's and do a little swimming before fireworks.  Her Mammie got some really cute pics of her with her festive sunglasses and a little American flag. 

She also had a fun new pool float waiting for her...lots of shade to protect that creamy skin.

I think all the picture posing and swimming must have worn her out though.  She fell asleep in the car on the way to fireworks.  I got her out of the car right before they started, thinking that she would enjoy watching them, and she slept through the entire show!  Maybe next year...