Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow Bunny

Clara took her first plane ride to Breckenridge, Colorado, during the week of her 5 month birthday.  We went skiing with my family, and it was definitely helpful to have the extra hands to help at the airport and the early rising grandparents there to take her in the mornings.  She was perfect on the way there, sleeping most of the plane ride and only looking a little scared when her ears were popping.  On the way back was a different story though, and I was really glad Clint had shown her off to the people around us when she was being happy and cute so that they couldn't be that mad when she screamed for the last 40 minutes. 
Going through security

She spent most of her days inside the warm condo with either me or my mom babysitting while the rest of the family skied.  We stuffed as many of her toys into our suitcases as would fit so that she would be entertained during the week.  The Bumbo was great to have, and she spent a couple of dinners sitting in the middle of the table watching us eat.  

 Sleeping was a little difficult because she was in a pack and play in our room, there was a time change, and she was stuffy due to the cold and altitude.  So she got to take a lot of naps in our bed and with some assistance from mom and dad. 

We finally took her out one day, which included two meals out in town, walking around in the snow, and a ride on the gondola up to the ski run.  We tried our best to keep her as bundled as possible, and she didn't complain at all!  We can't wait to take her back someday and teach her how to ski.  Based on some of the speedy little kids we saw on the mountain, we may not have to wait very long!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Five Months

  • Is rolling over in both directions - has even rolled over to her stomach in her sleep and woken herself up a few nights
  • Pretty close to completely sitting on her own - she only last for a few seconds if she doesn't prop herself up with her hands, but once she props herself up she can last for a good while
  • Sleeping is going well - goes to bed around 7, dream feed at 10ish, and then up anywhere from 5 to 6:30
  • No more swaddle!
  • Took her first flight to Colorado
  • Loves her exersaucer and Sophie the giraffe
  • Constantly working out her abs trying to sit up from laying on her back

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Tripod

She needs a little arm support, but she's sitting on her own!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tough Love

At Clara's 4 month appointment the doctor said that it was time for some "tough love" when it comes to sleep.  He said that based on her age and weight she should be able to go at least 8 hours at night without eating.  He suggested starting sleep training sometime before 6 months, but we decided to jump right in.  Our thought was that this gave us some time to try it out - if it went horribly, we could wait a couple of weeks and try again.  And, let's be honest, when you haven't slept in months and you get the gree light to make it better, you don't really want to wait around!
To give you a little background, Clara has been progressively lengthening her night time sleep up until I went back to work for a two week stint at 10 weeks.  She was going around 5 to 6 hours at night before that, and one time had even slept for 8 hours!  Then, the week I went back to work, we went backwards quickly, all the way to 2 and 3 hours all night.  Ever since then a normal night was 3 to 5 hours, with closer to 3 being the most common and 5 being a good night.  It was pretty tough on us, especially once I went back to work for good at 15 weeks.  We tried to appease her with a pacifier if she woke up during the night, but I think the little smarty was on to our game and once she saw Dad she just screamed louder.  So really noone has been sleeping well in our house for the past 8 weeks. 

It was definitely a learning process each night, because we weren't sure what she would do, and we wanted to be realistic about our expectations for her based on where we were coming from, and her age.  We started on Thursday night so that we would have the weekend to rest if we ended up being up all night.  Thursday night she woke up twice, and the longest she cried was 20 minutes.  Friday night she only woke up once, and again cried for about 20 minutes.  Saturday night we decided to start a "dream feed" (feeding her around 10 - 11 while she is asleep) so that when we get the long stretch of time at night it is when we are asleep as well.  She woke up at 5 am on Sunday morning, which is of course early for our taste, so we let her cry for a bit to make sure she was really awake, and decided to get up and feed her at 5:30.  We were hopeful at this point because, although the stretch after the dream feed was only around 5.5 hours, she basically slept from 7:30 until 5, which is a huge improvement!

Sunday night we fed her at 7 and dream fed her at 10.  She woke up at 4, cried off and on for an hour, with the longest stretch being only around 10 minutes.  This was a little tough for us because it meant we didn't sleep for that whole hour, but again, a huge improvement because it was the first straight six hours of sleep I have had in 4 months.  She went back to sleep around 5 and slept until 7.  The biggest reassurement about this to me is that when she woke up at 7 she was happy and played for about 10 minutes in her crib, she wasn't fussy and starving.  Definite progress is being made.

For the rest of that week, she usually woke up once or twice, half-heartedly cried for about 10 minutes, and then went back to sleep.  Just when I was starting to worry that maybe this was going to be the routine for a while, she did it!  We put her to bed on Monday night around 7, Clint gave her a dream feed bottle at 10:30, and when my alarm went off at 5:30 I realized that that was the first time I had woken up the whole night.  It took us 11 nights with very minimal crying, and I know that I actually feel like my old self again.  Yay Clara!

And now, a funny picture to make reading that whole post worth it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So Close

For the past week or so, Clara has been working really hard at rolling over from her back to her stomach.  Last week she could get to her side, but couldn't get her top leg to swing over.  As of Tuesday night she had fixed that problem, and now it was just that darn arm getting in the way!

I have tons of videos of all of the progress from the past few weeks.  And then, this morning in her crib, she decides that this is the perfect opportunity to roll all the way to her stomach when no one was watching :)  Oh well, hopefully was can document it next time.