Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Months

  • Loves being outside and staring at fans
  • Smiles, coos, and loves staring at faces
  • Started being entertained for brief periods by hanging toys and her mobile
  • Still having fussy evenings, but we started seeing improvements around 8 weeks
  • Sleeping great - up to 8 or 9 hours
  • Started going to church on Sundays at 6 weeks old
  • Is fighting taking a bottle sometimes, and still won't take a pacifier
  • Weighs 13 pounds (86%) and is 24" tall (97%). Head is 93%. Big girl!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One Month

I know that the time flies by with kids, and it's even more true now with two. So much of this first month has been easier, and so much has been harder. Emma is a great baby and is eating and sleeping well. And Clara has handled the adjustment really well, no jealousy or anger toward baby sister. She has had some tantrums and days of being overly hyper, but it's hard to know how much of that is because of the new baby and how much is simply being a two year old. Overall it's been really great and we've had a lot of help, and for that I am very thankful!

Emma Highlights:
  • Eating and sleeping well - goes for at least one 4 hour stretch at night, sometimes even 5
  • Has been to the doctor twice and gained back all her weight by the second week
  • Has gone on a few walks around the block and to the park to watch big sister play
  • Around 11 pounds at 4 weeks old
  • Went to the church nursery on Wednesday night during her 4th week while mama went to a meeting, and she did great!
  • Started sleeping in her crib at 4 weeks 
  • Has been pretty fussy in the evenings (witching hour), hoping she grows out of this soon!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Emma Caroline

Emma decided to make her appearance in the middle of the night on May 10th, a day before her due date. This pregnancy was a lot more difficult for me than Clara, with morning all day sickness lasting past 20 weeks, constant heartburn, and a lot more pain and exhaustion.  Of course, a portion of this was due to chasing a toddler around, or maybe it just Emma's way of making sure she got some attention from the beginning.

Because of all this, I was pretty anxious to meet our little girl. My doctor thought I would deliver somewhere between my 39th and 40th week, which only made that week a very long one for me as I counted down the days. Every day brought some new sign or symptom that made me think that day would be it, and then I'd wake up the next day with no baby. We even tried to see if Hank's ice cream could coax her out, and although I'll give them some credit since we went Thursday night and I went into labor Friday night, it didn't have quite the same effect as the first time.


On Friday night, Clint and I went for a last date to Carraba's while Clara was at Kids Night Out at church. I had been having pretty constant but irregular contractions all week, but was always able to make them stop after some period of time. We went to sleep that night, I woke up around 12:45, and then at 1:30 my water broke. I wasn't completely sure because it wasn't as obvious as last time, so I laid back down to take some time to make sure. I didn't want to wake up everyone in the middle of the night for a false alarm. I started timing contractions which were about 10 mins apart, but quickly went to 6 mins apart. At around 2 we decided we should probably head to the hospital either way, and called Kathy to come over to stay with Clara. We got to the hospital around 3, and it was confirmed that my water had broken and that I was 4-5 cm dilated. Apparently there are two bags that the baby is contained in, and only one of mine had broken, which was why my water breaking wasn't as obvious as before (they often break together at the end of pregnancy) and why the baby was still carrying pretty high.

My contractions were getting pretty painful at this point, so I decided to go ahead and ask for the epidural. I wasn't sure in advance if I was going to get one, but based on how far I still had to go and my pain level, I decided it was inevitable.  And the nurse encouraged me to get it before the nurse/doctor shift change at 7 so I wouldn't be delayed even further. I was taken to labor and delivery around 5:00, and got the epidural at 6:15. An ultrasound was also done to check the position of the baby, and we saw that she was head down but face up. At around 7:15 my new nurses needed to insert my catheter (necessary with an epidural) and were going to check my progress as well. I had two nurses, because one was new and was being trained, which was actually really helpful because the experienced nurse was explaining in detail everything that was going on. The new nurse checked and thought I was 7-8 cm, and then the experienced nurse checked and said,"I think she's at 9, no, I think she's complete!" We were all pretty surprised that it had happened that fast, and now I know why the contractions had been getting so painful towards the end. I happened to mention that the baby was face up, and the nurses suggested I roll to my side to see if the baby would turn. When they started to help me re-position, the rest of my water broke, and the baby dropped, which temporarily caused her heart rate to drop. I was put on oxygen and told to basically relax and do nothing because my doctor wasn't there yet. At this point, I started to feel a lot more pressure. Luckily, my doctor arrived shortly after and immediately started the preparation for delivery. We pushed for probably only 10 to 15 minutes and Emma was born at 8:09 am.


 Baby E gave us a little bit of worry in the minutes after she was born because she started turning very purple. The nurse calmly took her away and started to suction her mouth and nose.  Apparently she had swallowed a lot of fluid and pretty quickly her color returned to normal and she let out some good cries. The nurse was also concerned about her eating quickly because she was so big, but when they checked her sugar levels she was within the appropriate range.

We wanted Clara to be the first to meet her, so as soon as we were able Clint went and brought her in. She seemed a little shy at first, and sweetly said "Mama, are you okay?" I guess I looked a little tired and pale. She got to watch as they changed her sister's first diaper.

And we are now a family of four!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

School Days

Well, I've obviously been MIA, but I have been wanting to start blogging again for a while.  What better time to start than the obligatory first day of school pic :)

This is Clara, first day of Toddler C.  This is her "say cheese, show your teeth" face.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fun at the Park - 15 months

15 Month Highlights:
  • Says No often, mostly in a sweet high-pitched voice :)
  • Runs, and really enjoys it
  • Plays pretend with her dolls
  • Loves watching Elmo, Tuneables and Barney
  • Has thrown a few tantrums
  • Is in between giving up her second nap, which makes for some cranky afternoons
  • Goes to bed and down for naps very easily, often telling you "Night Night" to let you know she's ready
  • Slept until 7 and 7:30 for about a week, then back to 5:45 and 6, unfortunately :)
  • Has one of her one-year molars
  • Knows Santa ("Tanta") and when asked what he says replies "Ho Ho"
  • Calls her Grandpas by their names - Paw Paw and Pop
  • Knows her ears, eyes, toes, feet, and shoes
  • Will give kisses on command to almost everyone
  • Loves to eat goldfish ("Go Go's") and Nilla wafers
  • Finally learned how to drink from a straw, so we are working on weaning her completely off bottles

Saturday, December 8, 2012


We took Clara to meet Santa for the first time, and while she wasn't enamored by him, she didn't cry.  I think her main emotion was confusion as to why she was sitting on some strangers' lap while her parents made crazy faces and danced around in front of her.