Monday, October 22, 2012

Thirteen Months

For her thirteen month birthday, Clara went to the zoo with her Mammy (Clint's mom).  She loves the zoo and they go often on Mondays.  I think her favorite part right now is the petting zoo with goats.  Unlike the cats at home, these animals actually let her touch them and squeal with delight and do not run away. 

My favorite part about the next picture is the text I got with it - "Don't get mad about this one.  It was organic...does that count?" :)

This has been a huge month of changes - we have really seen her go from being a baby to becoming a little person.  Clint and I are shocked and amazed by her every day.

  • Walking everywhere exclusively.
  • Says mama, dada, ball, no, uh-oh, hello, bye-bye and Elmo :)  Calls the cats mow-mows.
  • Started giving hugs last week - sweetest thing ever.
  • She has been a little clingier than usual - not sure if it's the age or because I've been working a lot recently.
  • Started sleeping until 6 am after a few nights of crying it out.  May sound early for some but it's a HUGE improvement for us.
  • Loves being outside and just walking everywhere all over the yard exploring.  She will bring you her shoes when she wants to go out.
  • Can follow a lot of commands - you can ask her to bring you items, or pick something up, or follow you somewhere.
  • Knows where her nose, teeth and tongue are. 
  • Loves watching the Tuneables DVD that her Aunti K gave her - she sees the case and will point at it and carry it to you when she wants to watch it.  She dances and sings and follows the commands in the show, it's pretty funny and impressive to watch.
  • Eats pretty much everything, but can be picky on occasion.  Ate peanut butter for the first time and loves it, especially when it's one of her Daddy's crackers.
  • Obviously had her first sucker :)

Party Post

I added Clara's birthday party post today but to September, so here is the link:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

12 Month Appointment

At her 12 month appointment Clara weighed in at 21 lb, 15 oz (62%) and 30.25 inches tall (81%).  The doctor said she looked perfect as usual.  Our main question for him related to sleep, which I think is our question at every appointment - she has been waking up really early recently (and I mean really early...4 had become very normal) and the doctor said we should probably try some tough love again to get her to a more reasonable hour.  Never fun but we are hopeful...and desperate!

She wasn't in a very good mood for her appointment, and the shots she got didn't really help much.  The only thing that we could do to make her even a little bit happy was cheerios of course. 

 And just for reference, Clara's first appointment