Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun in the Sun

We had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend with a lot of food, swimming and quality time with friends and family.  You never really know between my job and baseball season which holidays Clint and I will actually have off together, so it was really nice to both be able to be home all weekend with Clara.

On Sunday we spent time with church friends - one family with a girl 3 weeks younger than Clara and one with a boy almost 2 years old.  The girls ate watermelon in their fresh food feeders, which was a big hit.  Then we all went to the pool and enjoyed the sun and the water. 

On Monday we spent time in Katy with my family and took Clara to the pool again.  She seemed to like it even more, probably since she was already used to the idea.

I think it's pretty obvious from these pictures whose skin Clara got :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eight Months

 Taking pictures this month was more than a little difficult - all she wants to do is be on her stomach and move!  And one she realizes there is a sticker, it's all over :)

  • Not exactly crawling, but definitely getting around - it's pretty much a half army crawl.  One leg helps her push off and one leg just drags behind.  The kitties are not too impressed.
  • Has started oohing and aahing with inflection - she sounds like she's asking a question a lot now
  • Babbles a few consonants, most notably "da da da"
  • Eats three solid meals a day and takes a bottle/nurses every 4 hours
  • Is able to pick up the puffs with her fingers now and feed herself successfully
  • Loves to hear you sing songs or make animal noises
  • Likes playing peek-a-boo, especially in her crib using the bumper pad
  • Started taking a bath in the big tub rather than the kitchen sink
  • Reacts to pictures of people she knows, especially Daddy, with a big smile
  • Sleep is still different every day, but goes to bed around 7:30 and is up anywhere from 3 to 5, usually going back to sleep but sometimes just wants to play

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Becoming a Mother

Dear Clara,

Today, on my first Mother's Day, I want to thank you for making me a mother.  It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done - in the worst and best ways.  Everyone tries to tell you how much you will love your children and how much it will change you, but there is no way to comprehend those emotions until you actually experience it for yourself.  You are better than I ever imagined and amaze me more every day.  I am loving this new life with you and so look forward to all the Mother's Days to come.  Mama loves you so so much sweet baby girl!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dedication Sunday

Today we stood in front of our family and church family and dedicated Clara to the Lord.  We committed to keep her active in church fellowship and raise her to know Christ, and our church family committed to be a part of that experience, supporting us as parents on this journey and loving Clara along the way. 

I think the ceremony performed at South Main is so special - after the Litany is read, our Pastor takes each baby and walks them down one aisle of the church and back up the other aisle, letting the church see the new addition first hand, and talking to the child about how one day they will make the choice to walk down that aisle again on their own.  It's very touching and has become even more special to me lately because the children have become my friends' babies, children and parents I already love and am now able to publicly promise to walk in faith with.

All of Clara's family was there to see her dedication, and she behaved really well.  She played with the church program during the first part of the ceremony and took her first bite of paper out of it, which she apparently chewed up and down the aisle.  Never a dull moment with this one!  I feel so blessed to have been raised in a Christian home and to have married someone who was raised in the same faith, and that we now get to raise our child to learn about and love God.